Case Study: ERP for industrial maintenance, Windows application customizable by the client


Allyx Technologies is a French company whose main activity is the creation, sale and integration of custom software solutions for the technical services of companies.

Allyx clients are industrial, tertiary or management companies. Their common problems are the following:

  • Asset management and monitoring,
  • Quality management and monitoring (ISO 9000),
  • Industrial waste management and monitoring (ISO 14000 standard),
  • Managing a after-sales service,
  • Implementation and planning of preventive actions and controls,
  • Management and monitoring of hygiene and safety standards,
  • In general, all activities related to the technical monitoring or implementation of the standards and norms.

In order to meet these needs, Allyx offers a wide range of products based on Kits that can be used immediately or can be modified according to the client's need.

CMMS Kit, Waste Kit, Building Maintenance Kit, Health Kit, etc ...

The peculiarity of the Allyx offer consists of two essential points:

  • Staying in a standard environment always, regardless of adaptations,
  • Leave the possibility for customers to make their own adaptations.

Promise kept by creating a completely new concept.

Xmaint edit screen sample'
Xmaint list sample

The initial situation

The founder of Allyx Technologies, Jérôme Perrin benefits from a vast experience in the field of technical software. After creating in 1993 his own software publishing company that he sold in 2008 (1500 active customers and with CA of more than 3M €), the new challenge was to create a new offer within a "start-up" . The team was formed around several employees and specialized partners from the same field of activity. After several meetings, Allyx chose to entrust the project of the company TESIO SOFTWARE. An important commitment because the development of the Xmaint platform required 4 years of work and a team of 3 dedicated collaborators. Today, Xmaint is operational and the development continues with a small team.

The package with our offer is finalized and the marketing is in progress. We decided to work in masked time to save time. I needed a reactive, open partner who could understand the typology of our business problems.

Jérôme Perrin General manager

The solution: Xmaint

Xmaint a solution composed of several components:
  • BUILDER a configuration tool dedicated to administrators consisting of libraries for assembly. It allows to configure the screens, tables, statuses, data exports, activate some functionalities, security management,
  • USER final application for users, directly dependent on the parameters made in BUILDER,
  • Xmaint WEB simplified version for mobile phones,
  • IMPORTATEUR a tool for performing data imports,
  • AGENT a useful tool for automation. He performs all scheduled tasks on an event. The trigger can be a certain action performed by the user or an external action such as receiving an email or a value (eg temperature variation). Also, the agent handles all the tasks of saving the data and performs the data import.

The complexity of the project was enormous. Many topics had to be addressed directly.

Meeting the main criteria of the specifications, namely: everything that is done in the software must be 100% configurable. This forced us to think about each feature so that it can be modified by "noninformaticians",

To operate both in one way, on the local network but also via the internet and be able to manage a significant volume of data and transactions,

Functional aspects, because at the beginning of the project we were not familiar with topics related to maintenance and technical services. Until then, our expertise was rather related to the financial fields, sales, etc ...

Objectives achieved today, the application being installed and operational in more than 100 industrial or tertiary companies and Xmaint has a favorable reception on a hyper-competitive market of technical software.

An experience that rewards us! The association between our IT skills and the business skills of our partner, have allowed our team to capitalize and gain additional knowledge that we can put at the disposal of our clients.

Andrei Tesio - General manager- TESIO SOFTWARE

Xmaint list sample