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Example of a mobile application made by Tesio Software

We have been developing custom software for over 10 years

Responsive design websites, android applications, iPhone/iPad applications or desktop solutions

The custom software applications developed at the request of our clients have brought us, besides the high level technical competences, the ability to connect with people from different fields of activity. We have the skills and flexibility necessary to understand the specificity of each activity. So far I have accumulated experience in the fields of: industrial production, industrial maintenance activities, sales, marketing, sports statistics, management of sports doping control. Also, the distance has never been a problem for us, having all the modern technical and communication means available.

Our team consists of experienced people and young people, whose ideas are lisened, improuved and integrated in our work. Our experience of over 10 years in software development, combined with the innovative ideas of the young people, allow us to find the best solution for our clients.Technical quality and design are very important, which is why we focus our energy so that our applications have a very good quality, impresive design and best user experience. Our clients are both in the country and abroad (France, Belgium, Ireland), this being facilitated by the knowledge of French and English.


Web site with responsive design

With the help of ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, CSS and jQuery, we create responsive web design applications. These are either storefront websites, e-commerce or back-office web applications for complex solutions.

Android and iPhone apps

We use Microsoft Xamarin technology for cross-platform solutions on Android / iOS. For example, see the case study of CAR HUNTER

Windows applications

In the two main directions WinRT and Windows Forms, Windows applications are a perfect solution for solving certain needs. An example of this is the application Xmaint



Case study: iOS, Android and Windows mobile applications with web application on the back end, all powered by the Miucrosoft Azure cloud solutions.

CAR HUNTER is a software platform that realizes the interconnection of the car sales professionals, allowing them to record and distribute the ads for cars sale. It integrates data on cars produced over the last 30 years, thus allowing the rapid creation of the ads. The searches based on the location of the vehicle is an important asset.

The application finally delivered by Andrei's team was in line with our expectations. The Tesio Software team, besides being agile and competent, is also very receptive. She does not hesitate to come with proposals when the need arises, to our satisfaction. In the end, all the doubts from the beginning disappeared due to the professionalism and skill of Andrei and his collaborators.

David Ferreira - Project Manager Car Hunter

Exemple apps Car Hunter
Tableau de bord d'analyse de Data Plus'


Case study: Business Intelligence application on Windows tablets (200 users)

Data Plus is a BI application based on a Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse in which more information from existing applications within the company is collected and consolidated. The use of this data is done through a WinRT application based entirely on a complex system of filters and rendered in the form of graphs.

After analyzing the possibility of buying and implementing a Business Intelligence solution, we came to the conclusion that it is better to develop a custom solution. We decided to call the Tesio Software team for seriousness and especially for their ability to complete the projects and during the planned time.

Lucian Constantin - Lead Database Architect Servier Pharma

Data Plus Dashboard

IQ System

Case study: digital signal solution operational for more than 10 years, permanently updated.

The QI System is a complex digital signage solution, meaning an indoor multimedia system consisting of multiple displays connected to a PC running both the viewing and the transfer applications. These applications are connected to a server located in the Aure cloud. The back office is made through a web application.

Although at first we were a bit skeptical and worried about the complexity of the solution that had to be realized and the fact that we were working remotely. In time the Tesio Software team convinced us by the quality of their work, by their seriousness and above all by their ability to understand our way of working. Choosing Tesio Software as a software solution developer was not a mistake, but perhaps one of the best decisions I have made.

Raymond Kirwan - General manager Info TV Ltd

Example of IQ System template editor


Case study: ERP for industrial maintenance

Allyx Technologies is a French company whose main activity is the creation, sale and integration of software solutions for the technical services of companies.

Allyx clients are industrial, tertiary or management companies.

We appreciated the ability of Tesio Software to find solutions to the most complicated technical and functional problems encountered in the realization of our suite of applications. "

Jérôme Perrin - General manager Allyx Technologies


Application dedicated to IT infrastructure management operations, computer inventory, license management, software audit, centralized management of local users, etc.



Mini ERP for SMEs, intended for companies selling services where managing and billing employees time is a problem.



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