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Case study: Business Intelligence application on Windows tablets (200+ users)


Servier Pharma, french pharmaceutical group, which achieved a turnover of 3.9 billion euros in 2015, is the first large independent French pharmaceutical group. Present in 148 countries, more than 21,200 employees worldwide, of which almost 3,000 in the research and development sector. The Servier group is currently developing 23 drugs in the following therapeutic areas: oncology, cardiology, metabolic diseases, neuropsychiatry and rheumatology. The company has established, for more than 20 years, a branch in Romania for the promotion and sale of its medicines. Today, the branch counts more than 200 people, of which a large part is directly involved in the sale process: medical representatives, regional directors, ...etc.

Market Evolution Chart
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The Romanian branch of the group needed an application that could be made available to the sales force and that would quickly provide information on: sales figures, company products, market and competitors and be able to perform validations based on this information. A Business Intelligence (BI) solution was needed. The challenge consisted of two distinct parts. First: the extraction and presentation of existing data from several existing computer systems, both in a precise and user-friendly way. Second: the company was equipped with Windows boards. It was therefore necessary to have an application for tablets. The client chose TESIO SOFTWARE for his technical knowledge in the Microsoft environment as well as for his experience in the field of sales and distribution of medicines.


Composed of 15 charts, with numerous data filtering systems and multi-level zoom, the application allows you to view sales figures by geographical regions, their evolution over time and sales force activity. Own data is verified through data on the world market or that of the main competitors. Depending on the profile of the connected user, the graphs change, so as to integrate the person's position in the company hierarchy and to adapt to his needs.

"The availability of important and difficult to access data, in a simple, practical and handy form has brought the success of this application."

Veronica Onisoara Sales Force Effectiveness Manager – Servier Pharma

Dashboard with indicators