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Case study: digital signage software solution operational for over 10 years, constantly updated.

For our client INFO TV ltd , all of our team's expertise has been contributed to delivering a digital signage solution for indoor advertising monitors.

The INFO TV company based in Ireland, specialized in indoor advertising, needed for its clients, a way of the transmiting the ads in all locations throughout the country. He also had to make sure that his message reached the desired target.

The double challenge was to be able to manage these ads automatically and to centralize them, while leaving the possibility of each client location to distribute theyr own ads.

In this regard, INFO TV asked TESIO SOFTWARE to create a custom software to solve this problem

The solution we have developed incorporates the latest multimedia data transmission technologies. It allowed INFO TV to consolidate and expand its customer base.

Thanks to this solution, INFO TV has implemented and equipped more than 100 locations throughout Ireland,

The benefits of the created application are:

  • Split the screen into several sections so that it can be implemented in different presentation modes,
  • An information band connected to an RSS data stream for recurring information or any other type of information (real estate ads, rents, stock exchange),
  • Manage the frequency of the delivery of the advertisements so that their broadcast sequence is never repeated,
  • Radio broadcasting in the location.

With the help of the software we have developed, the Irish company has solved a key problem of its functioning: the transmission of files in locations spread throughout the Irish territory.

Screen example